As California is faced with one of the worst droughts in its history, the Coachella Water Authority and Sanitary District is partnering with its customers to conserve this precious resource. CWASD is committed to providing you with the rebates, tools and information you need to be a part of the solution. Discover what you can do to help by visiting today!

For even more tips, visit our Water Conservation Partners at CVWATERCOUNTS.COM.

Outdoor Water Conservation Kits:

City of Coachella is pleased to offer free outdoor water conservation kits to its customers. Supplies are limited and are available on a first come first serve basis. Click here for complete details.

Instructions for Reading Your Water Meter:

Click here for instructions, English is on page 2

2015 Urban Water Management Plan

Coachella Water Authority and Sanitary District is required to prepare an Urban Water Management Plan (UWMP) every five years in response to the requirements of the Urban Water Management Planning Act (UWMP Act). This report is a planning tool that documents actions in support of long-term water resources planning and ensures adequate water supplies are available to meet existing and future urban water demands.

Click here for the 2015 Urban Water Management Plan

  • This document was submitted to SWRCB on June 22, 2016.

  • This document was submitted along with other required documentation to SWRCB on June 22, 2016.


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