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    Project Information

    Property Type:
    Single Family HomeDuplex/Triplex/FourplexTownhome

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    Water Service Account Number

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    Estimated square footage of turf to be removed from the park‐ way:

    Estimated square footage of turf to be removed from the front yard:

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    How is the turf irrigated now?
    Automatic sprinklers Manual sprinklersHand waterOther

    What type of irrigation controller do you use?
    Automatic controllerSmart controllerNoneOther

    How do you plan to complete your project?

    Note: If you are a member of a homeowners association (HOA), be sure to get approval prior to proceeding with your project. HOA’s are required to comply with City landscape rules, but participation in this program still requires compliance with HOA rules.

    Proposed Plant List (Plant list MUST be included before a Rebate Reservation will be issued)

    Note: Plants for the parkway and for the front yard must be from native and drought resistant

    Irrigation Plan

    Note: All overhead spray irrigation must be converted to drip irrigation.

    Estimated Coverage Calculation Worksheet

    Use this worksheet to ensure your project meets the coverage requirements. Use additional sheets as necessary. The converted area must contain enough plants to create at least 50% living plant cover when plants are fully grown; trees do not count toward coverage.
    If you need assistance with coverage calculations or need additional information, please call (760) 501‐8100

    Estimated total square feet to be removed

    Required Coverage
    (A x 50%)

    Plant Name

    Number of plants to be used

    Total Coverage
    (C x D)

    Mature Coverage (per plant)


    Does estimated Grand Total exceed estimated required coverage? If not, please select additional plants to achieve coverage.

    Draw Us A Sketch

    Please click here to download the form to draw a detailed sketch of your proposed plan and upload it to the field below.



    City of Coachella makes no representation or warranty relating to contracted services or products that may be installed in converted areas, including any hazardous substances that may be contained in any product. Removal of turf and installation of water efficient devices will help reduce water use, but does not guarantee that less water will be used. Water use depends on many factors, including plant types, proper sprinkler settings, and personal water use habits. This application is for a rebate only. By participating in the program, you waive and release the City and its employees, from any and all claims and causes of action arising out of the removal of turf and/or the purchase, installation or use of devices in connection with this Residential Turf Removal rebate program. Any claim you may have based upon any defect or failure of performance of a contracted service or device purchased by you should be pursued with the contractor or manufacturer/distributor. The City only enforces the terms and conditions of the Residential Turf Removal Program. The applicant is responsible for complying with all applicable laws, codes, policies, covenants, conditions, and restrictions that may apply. Quality and appearance of the converted area is the responsibility of the applicant, but may be reviewed periodically by the City to ensure program compliance. Failure to maintain the property in program compliance may result in the participant being required to refund all or a portion of the rebate. By signing below, the applicant consents to the recovery by the City of all or a portion of a previously granted rebate for a property that is not maintained in compliance with the program, through the addition of a surcharge on the applicant's water bill over whatever period of time is deemed appropriate by the City.

    Right of Entry

    By signing below, the applicant represents that he or she is the owner of the real property for which a rebate is
    requested ("Property"), and that he or she has the right to authorize the City and its employees to enter onto the
    Property. The applicant: (i) authorizes the City and its employees to enter upon any unfenced front or side yard for
    which a rebate is requested as described in this application, at any time without further notice to the applicant or
    any occupant of the Property; and (ii) agrees to cooperate with the City to provide access to the City employees to
    any portion of the applicant's fenced front or side yard, for the purpose of verifying the conversion of the Property's
    landscaping described in this application, and verifying the ongoing maintenance of the converted area.

    Right to Use Photographs and Consumption Information

    By signing below, the applicant grants to the City and its employees a license to publish, advertise, and otherwise use any photographs submitted by the applicant. The applicant understands and acknowledges that the City may include such photographs in brochures, websites, and other materials advertising the turf removal program without compensation to the applicant. The applicant further grants to City the right to share the applicant's water consumption data with any public agency that has or does provide funding or furnish water to the City, and acknowledges that such data may be used by such agencies for various purposes.

    Signature (required)

    By signing below, the applicant agrees to comply with the program terms and conditions, as well as all Federal, State and local codes, including covenants, conditions and restrictions, as applicable. The applicant has read, understands and agrees to the terms and conditions of the program as outlined and certifies that the information
    on the application is complete and accurate.